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Housing/ Homelessness

Are you homeless, about to become homeless, or a low-income family/individual in Goodhue County struggling to find permanent, affordable housing?

We provide:
● Emergency housing; a safe, temporary place to stay; assistance with arranging permanent affordable housing.
● Short-term and long-term transitional housing.
● Accommodation in one of two two-bedroom apartments for up to three months (waiting list).
● Accommodation in one of three apartments (two one-bedroom; one two-bedroom) for up to 24 months.
● Housing assessment and release planning for inmates at Goodhue County Adult Detention Center who will be homeless upon release.
● Help with increasing your self-sufficiency skills (budgeting, securing employment, building credit history, etc.), building a good rental history, and learning tenant/landlord relationship skills.
● Coordination of services with other agencies.

Contact our Housing Advocate at 651-388-9360 ext. 2 or

Office hours: Tuesday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, or by appointment.