Give Money

Give Money

Or, if you want to ensure that 100% of your donation goes directly to HOPE, we gratefully accept checks (which involve no credit card processing fees). Please make your check out to HOPE Coalition, indicate if you’d like it to go towards a particular one of our programs (not required), and mail it to us at:

HOPE Coalition
321 West Avenue
Red Wing, MN 55066

What does your donation do?

● $25.00 Gives a gas voucher to a struggling family, so a parent can get to work and not lose their job.
● $50.00 Provides a rape victim the support of a Sexual Assault Advocate during a medical exam, interview with law enforcement, or a court hearing.
● $80.00 Provides a woman escaping domestic violence with a safe bed for the night at our Haven of Hope shelter.
● $250.00 Gives 10 abused children access to a month of support groups and activities through our Kids Count program.
● $650.00 Takes a homeless family of four off the streets and into a safe home for a full month.

Who does your donation help?

You can also donate via our GiveMN page.